Escape the routine to explore a Patagonia still undiscovered in Aysén

Escape the routine to explore a Patagonia still undiscovered in Aysén
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Consider Undiscovered Patagonia your key to open the doors of the Aysén Region, especially written for travelers like you, who are not just looking to visit a destination, but to discover it and be immersed amongst its nature, its culture and its people.

Do you think of yourself as a traveler rather than a tourist?  Do you like to explore rather than rush, to get off the beaten path and travel on your own, seeking out the unique and memorable details that form the essence of a place?  If this is your style, then Aysén, an Undiscovered Patagonia, is for you. Inside, we share the itineraries and traveling experiences of bloggers who have journeyed the region; one for each of the five cultural areas: Palena – Queulat; Fjords & Channels; Aysén – Simpson; Chelenko; and Baker – O’Higgins.  We provide details on 100+ unforgettable tours: trekking, boating, rock and ice climbing, fly-fishing, biking, scenic drives, and tours of the towns and villages of Aysén that provide access to music, arts, culture, gastronomy and nightlife.   

It is not easy to define or describe Patagonia. 

Immense primeval forests with winding rivers and never-ending valleys that have yet to be mapped. Mysterious fjords and channels, woven within a tangled geography interlaced with thousands of islands. Jagged mountain peaks with giant sweeping glaciers, ready to be conquered by fearless climbers in search of tremendous challenge and beauty spread between the imposing multi-millenarian glaciers of the Patagonia Ice Fields. Crystal clear waters in every imaginable hue of blue and green, flowing from the ice fields into high Andean lagoons and streams that pour over millions of cascades and waterfalls along their route to join the powerful rivers and enormous lakes that flow into the wild waters of the Pacific. These elements form the natural setting that envelopes you in Patagonia, surrounding you with an immense energy and intense light that beats from all sides until you begin to feel the timeless influences of ancient peoples like the Tehuelches and Chonos; nomads who traveled and moved amongst these lands more than 10,000 years ago. 

The sensation is unique and unforgettable and those who have shared it find it much more possible to understand the dreams and challenges faced by the strong and independent settlers who have rooted themselves in Patagonia over the past century. Coming from Chiloe, the central zone of Chile, and different parts of the world to settle within the incredible natural setting of Patagonian Aysén, these pioneers have forged a connection between land and people that has not been without error or struggle. The lessons they’ve learned and the identity they have developed provides a mixture of customs, histories and traditions that warm hearts, challenge ideas and enrich lives.

Over the past several years, we’ve talked with backpackers, bloggers, couchsurfers and bucket-listers; thousands of travelers who shared a common dream of exploring the legends and realities of Patagonia. Many of them shared frustrations over the feeling that everything was right in front of them, literally at their fingertips, but they just couldn’t find the roads and trails and facilitators to lead them inside. Others (the lucky ones), told us of travels that awakened their spirit; of incredible days and weeks immersed in the amazing nature and interesting realities of the people of Patagonia; of lives and perspectives changed; of new friends and treasured memories that they would keep for the rest of their lives. With their stories as the inspiration, we got to work building the tools that will help you to explore Patagonia and especially, the undiscovered corners of Aysén. We addressed hundreds of doubts and questions; challenges that come along with trying to understand “the who’s, the where’s and the why’s” of this unique place. 

Click here to download the complete PDF version of the guide, Aysén, An Undiscovered Patagoniaor head to the home page of this site to access the "My Trip Guide" area and create your own custom, downloadable guide.

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