Prepare your own empanadas with Aysén style

Prepare your own empanadas with Aysén style
Aysén - Simpson Area

What better way to learn about Patagonia and its culture than tasting and preparing part of its traditional gastronomy. Here we teach you everything you need to know to impress even the most experienced empanada chefs with this recipe for your choice of beef, ham and cheese, or apple cinnamon fillings.

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    Activity Type: Gastronomy. Recipe for making your own empanadas in Aysén style.

    Start: You can find the needed ingredients in almost any market in Aysén, both in the cities and rural areas. 

    End: Watching the happy expressions on the faces of your friends, family and of course, yourself. This recipe is sure to please! 

    Duration: Approximately 3 - 4 hours, plus time for the pino to chill.

    Seasonality: Year round. 

    Special Considerations: Feel free to invent your own fillings for your empanada with the ingredients and combinations of your choice! 

    Reservations: No reservations needed. In Coyhaique, you can find fresh regional meats at the following markets (amongst others): Carnicería Ganaderos, Avenida Ogana #1035; Carnes Fuenzalida, Avenida Francisco Bilbao #1546; Supermercado El Arriero, Avenida Ogana #825, in front of Sodimac.

Empanadas are fun and easy to make.  They are a typical dish eaten throughout Chile, especially during the annual Independence Day Celebrations, but in the farms and cities of Aysén they are also part of daily lives. Empanadas are prepared frequently in almost all of Aysén, and with lots of different fillings and versions. The most traditional versions are filled with a “pino”, made with beef, onions, raisins, and hard boiled eggs. Other versions include cheese, seafood and interesting mixes of ingredients like chicken and mushroom. They can be baked or fried, according to your preference. There are also dessert versions that borrow elements of German settlers’ gastronomy and include ingredients like apples, pears and nuts. In this short cooking course we’ll teach you how to prepare three types of fillings: pino, ham and cheese, and apple cinnamon. So grab your chef apron and let’s get cooking! Buen provecho.

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