Time for a little Bohemia Coyhaiquina?

Time for a little Bohemia Coyhaiquina?
Aysén - Simpson Area

After so much travel and time in nature, a change of place can be welcome; if you feel the same, head out into the night air and enjoy a bit of music and dance. Although Coyhaique is small (as regional capitals go), it boasts an active nightlife and various spots to unwind.

  • Data sheet

    Activity Type: Tour of Coyhaique’s nightlife.

    Start: Dinner in one of Coyhaique’s great local restaurants.

    End: Watching the sunrise?

    Distance: Everything is within walking distance in Coyhaique’s downtown area, within a radius of approximately 10 blocks.

    Duration: Depends on your pace and stamina.

    Seasonality: Year round.

    Special Considerations: It’s easy to walk between spots, however there are several taxi dispatches in Coyhaique, including: (067) 242424 - 2252525. 

    Reservations: No reservations needed. 

Perhaps the best way to start a night out on the town is to join friends for a great dinner out. 

A great option is to go to one of Coyhaique’s picadas and enjoy a parillada or one of the other house specials. Various restaurants offer live music including the Historic Café Ricer (Horn #48). This great local spot features an atmosphere dedicated to the best of Patagonian including lots of local books, a second floor “mini museum” where you can find historical photography and artifacts displayed and a fantastic and intimate venue for enjoying local and national bands, like Swencke and Nilo and Toro & Bluesman. The pizzeria Mamma Gaucha (Horn 47), is another local spot to enjoy good music, great food and hand crafted brews.  

After dinner, the options are varied…

If rock is your passion, head to Barground (Condell, just before Moraleda), a great pub with good music and lots of locals. Moraleda Street is a block further and home to two of the nightlife mainstays: Piel Roja (Moraleda 495), and El Bulin’s (Moraleda 579), Piel Roja has a great pub on the first floor where you can relax, enjoy a drink and warm up beside the fire, and a discotheque on the second floor, where you can get your groove on until the wee hours of the morning. A little further along Moraleda, opposite the Cultural Center of Coyhaique, you’ll find El Bulín’s, a great site for salsa and other Latin rhythms, including chamamé, a traditional music for Aysén, and usually offer live music on the weekends. Close by you’ll find Pepe le Pub (General Parra 72), an ideal spot for conversation and fun and a few doors down, Akelarre (General Parra 26), is the place to go to hear the best bands in the region. 

If you are interested in a more traditional experience, check out Salón de Baile El Quilantal (Av. Baquedano 791), a giant dance hall where you can experience the music, dance and culture of Aysén every weekend. They have a great house band and a staple crowd of loyal dancers. During the night, you’ll hear a mix of cumbia, chamamé, cueca and lots of other traditional Aysén rhythms. It’s a favorite with coyhaiquinos and visitors that offers a great time for all.

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