Savor SuizAike's Cheesy Risotto with Wild Morel Mushrooms

Savor SuizAike's Cheesy Risotto with Wild Morel Mushrooms
Chelenko Area

Risotto, an inspired part of Italy's gastronomy, is loved around the world. This local twist on risotto mixes native ingredients found in the SuizAike farm in Bahía Murta with Switzerland's traditions, resulting in a Cheesy Risotto with Wild Morel Mushrooms that has seduced travelers from around the world.

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    Activity Type: Gastronomic visit to the charming Cabana y Hospedaje SuizAike. 

    Start: Cabana y Hospedaje SuizAike (or your own kitchen).

    End: Depends on you! We recommend staying at least a couple of days at SuizAike to enjoy the scenery, the tranquility and the serenity of this special place.

    Distance: SuizAike is located along the shores of General Carrera Lake, at the end of an 800 m trail that descends from their parking area, located 4.5 km from Bahía Murta, along the road to Puerto Sánchez.

    Duration: The preparation takes approximately one hour.

    Special Considerations: The risotto calls for Morels, but don’t hesitate to substitute an alternative mushroom in this delicious recipe. The trail from the parking lot to the hospedaje is well marked, but if you prefer to walk with the company of a guide, or have heavy luggage, call their cell (09) 95975454, and they’ll wait for you with a pack horse.

    Reservations: It's important to reserve in advance.

    Services: You can check availability directly on the calendar of their blog: and reserve your dates by contacting:; (09) 95975454.

The charming hand-crafted log hospedaje and cabana of SuizAike are the life’s project of Chilean-Swiss couple Ninoska Vera and Werner Bleicher. Their fantastic architecture is surrounded by a landscape so remarkable that it will be difficult to convince you to come inside and eat U-N-T-I-L you catch a whiff of the delicious smells coming from Ninoska’s (and Werner’s) kitchen, like Cheesy Risotto with Wild Morel Mushrooms. It’s a delicious labor of love; the Cheesy Risotto is compliments of Werner and his Swiss traditions, and the Wild Morel Mushroom Sauce is the creation of Ninoska.  The meal was inspired by family excursions to collect these delicious mushrooms in the Patagonian forests that surround their home. The Patagonia Morel is hard to find! It grows in Aysen’s fields and around tree roots, but only at the end of spring, on warm sunny days, just after a rain. Morels have a high nutritional value and are believed to be antioxidants with anti-carcinogenic properties; one thing’s for sure, finding them requires walking, searching and work SO they are definitely calorie burning!

To reach SuizAike, a true refuge of gastronomic miracles, take the road leaving Bahía Murta toward Puerto Sánchez. 

Around kilometer 4.5 km, you will see a sign indicating the parking area for Hospedaje Rural SuizAike. Enter the gate and park; you may want to spend a few moments to organize a day-pack with your gear because your experience begins with a beautiful 15 - 20 minute hike, (800 meters), through the native forest that isolates the hospedaje from the rest of the world.  

As you walk, you’ll be periodically treated to awesome views of the lake and shortly before your arrival, the trail leaves the forest, depositing you in the center of a magical scene: a perfect grassy knoll with an incredible log house perched on top and an impressive backdrop of the blue waters of General Carrera Lake.  It is a true “log house,” designed and constructed by Werner over the course of 7 years, using hand cut and hewed coigüe logs from the property.  Friendly dogs come running to greet you and, of course, not far behind, their lovely owners, who will make you feel like you are part of the family. The food is incredible - everything is fresh: farm eggs, whole grain breads, organic vegetables, roasted salmon, and of course, Cheesy Risotto with Wild Morel Mushrooms. It is truly astounding to experience the diverse gastronomy and comfortable setting they have been able to create in a place that is absolutely isolated from the rest of the world! If you stay a couple of days, you can relax in their rustic sauna and Werner and Ninoska will happily accompany you along different trails, such as their hike to the Escargot Lagoon or Cerro Pichon. Other excursions include visits to the Engaño Hot Springs, an afternoon of kayaking in the lake, and of course, you are welcome to help out with typical work around the farm. Everything at SuizAike is organic, natural and certified as sustainable by the organization Biosphere. And, after your visit to SuizAike, you can savor the unique flavors of this risotto wherever you find Morels, thanks to the recipe that Ninoska and Werner have shared. 

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