Prepare your own Homemade Bread with Patagonia style

Prepare your own Homemade Bread with Patagonia style
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You will become an addict to the homemade bread of Patagonia in a matter of minutes. What will you do after you return home? How about learning how to make it yourself? In reality, it's not that difficult and lots of people find it to be a great way to relax. In this article, we'll teach you everything you need for you to discover your dinner-baker?

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    Activity Type: Gastronomy. Recipe for making homemade bread baked in a wood or conventional oven.

    Start: By locating the ingredients you’ll need, in the shops of Patagonia or in your own city.

    End: Enjoying the delicious results of your labor with friends and family!

    Duration: Around two hours.

    Seasonality: Year round.

    Special Considerations: Feel free to unleash your creativity, adding chopped herbs, raisins, nuts or other ingredients to your bread. A perfect place to learn and practice the art of making bread in Patagonia is the Los Ñadis Refuge and Camping area, which has a fully equipped kitchen, a wood-burning oven and even a “rural kiosk” with bread-making kits that include all the ingredients you’ll need.

    Reservations: Necessary.

    Services: Refugio y Camping Río Ñadis (Ñadis River Refuge & Camping); The Ñadis Sector: Take the detour at the Barrancoso River Bridge for nine km, until you reach the refuge; Radio HF frequencies: 3.789 & 4.580; (09) 81851625;

Have you discovered the exquisite homemade breads of Patagonia? 

If you have, there’s little doubt that you’re the latest member of the tremendous fan club for Patagonia’s steaming fresh, warm breads, baked in wood-burning ovens and served with creamy butter and home-made jams. It impossible not to be tempted! 

In this corner of the world, making homemade bread is still a very important activity in the daily lives of many families. Here, bread baking goes far beyond choosing the right ingredients or have a good recipe; it also means searching for the “just right” pieces of wood, appropriately sized for the wood-burning stoves, so that the baker can obtain the exact temperature to brown the bread and make sure it doesn’t burn.

Bon appetit!

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