Calling all bird lovers - grab your binoculars!

Calling all bird lovers - grab your binoculars!
Baker - O'Higgins Area

This is a beautiful and relaxing, guided interpretive walk, for bird lovers and those curious to learn more. You'll go deep into the native forest surrounding Villa O'Higgins to observe and understand the relationship between the various species which habitat the forests of Patagonia and the Patagonian Andes.

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    Activity Type: Guided bird watching perfect for all who have an interest in understanding the local ecosystem, including children, 8 years old and up.

    Start: Villa O’Higgins, Tsonek Ecocamping & Expediciones.

    End: Villa O’Higgins, Tsonek Ecocamping & Expediciones.

    Distance: 3 - 7 km.

    Duration: 2 - 7 hours.

    Seasonality: Year Round.

    Special Considerations: Dress properly for cold weather, with layers you can take on or off, as the temperatures rise during the morning. Trips generally head out early, around 6:00, in order to capture the best hours of bird activity.  Groups are normally comprised of 2 – 4 persons, of ages 8 and up.

    Reservations: This circuit is offered by Mauricio Melgarejo, of Tsonek Ecocamping y Expediciones, located 1.6 km north of the entrance of Villa O’Higgins, along the Carretera Austral; (09)78929695;;

If you enjoy bird watching, or are curious to learn more, you are in for a great experience.  Mauricio Melgarejo, the Director of Tsonek Expeditions, describes his team’s experience and approach: “We combine the disciplines of ornithology, botany and entomology to show you the fascinating ecosystems that surround us in a special way – you’ll breathe in the freshest air of the planet and discover the wonder around you with every step we take”.

The walking circuit begins at the Tsonek Eco-camping Area, where your guide will evaluate the conditions and interests of the group, provide you with binoculars, scopes, and field guides, to facilitate better observation and identification of the bird species typically found in the forest, valley bottoms, wetlands, and lagoons. The excursion is intended not only for bird watching; but also, for exploring the interrelationships between different bird species and the rest of the ecosystem. 

Birds usually spotted during this excursion include the southern crested caracara or carancho (caracara plancus), the kestrel (falco sparverius), the red-backed hawk (buteo polyosoma), the southern house wren (troglodytes musculus), the Patagonian sierra-finch (phrygilus patagonicus), the Magellanic tapaculo (scytalopus magellanicus), the Andean condor (vultur gryphus), the black-throated huet-huet (pteroptochos tarnii), the tufted tit-tyrant (anairetes parulus), the fire-eyed diucon (xolmis pyrope) and the Magellanic or black woodpecker (campephilus magellanicus), among others.  Apart from the species inhabiting the region, you can also find various migratory species, depending on the season and the conditions. 

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