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Argentinian Area

The wilderness of Perito Moreno National Park is one day?s drive from the Las Horquetas Sector at the intersection of Routes 40, 37, and 35. The detour rewards you with beautiful landscapes, forests, lakes, glaciers and incredible views of Mt. San Lorenzo. It?s well worth taking!

  • Data sheet

    Activity Type: Self guided back- road exploration
    Sector:  Section 2A ends at the Las Horquetas Sector; the crossroads of Routes 40, 35, and 37. Here you’ll make the 94 Km detour (each way), on Route 37, to Perito Moreno National Park.
    Starting Point:  Las Horquetas
    Ending Point: Las Horquetas
    Considerations: The Park has an entrance fee which must be paid in Argentinean pesos.
    Distance: 200 Km, variable.
    Duration: 2 days or longer.
    Seasonality:  October - March
    Difficulty:  Apt for cyclists and 4x4s.

Perito Moreno National Park protects more than 115,000 hectares of Patagonian Steppe, sub-Antarctic forest, glacial lakes and rivers, and high Andean plateau. During the 100 Km drive, you’ll be surrounded by desert-like landscapes, brimming with local fauna and flora, characteristic of the Patagonian Steppe ecosystem. Once in the Park, visit the Information Center to pay your entrance fee and get information on the numerous trails, free camping areas, and archaeological sites. The Estancia La Oriental,  located inside the Park, offers additional options for camping with hot showers, a hostel and restaurant.  The Estancia caters to groups and has a two-night minimum stay.

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