Seeking solitude and pure nature? Head to Los Huemules

Argentinian Area

A short drive north to the Estancia Los Huemules Nature Reserve will put you in the middle of great trails, incredibly varied landscapes and lots of opportunities for solitude as you hike. Try this wonderful day hike to Lago de Diablo (Devil's Lake).

  • Data sheet

    Activity Type: Hiking
    Sector:  Estancia Los Huemules Private Reserve, 20 Km north out of Chaltén
    Starting Point: Estancia Los Huemules Private Reserve
    Ending Point: Estancia Los Huemules Private Reserve
    Considerations: There is a small entrance fee and you will need to hire a transport service to reach the Estancia Los Huemules Private Reserve.
    Distance: 12 Km, out & back
    Duration: 3 - 5 hours
    Seasonality: October – April
    Difficulty:  Great for everyone.

Seeking a little solitude? Estancia Los Huemules Private Reserve is the perfect refuge. Hire a transfer service in to drop you at Los Huemules, where you can access 25 Km of trails and a variety of landscapes and challenges. This trail leads towards Del Las Vueltas River. Once at the River, the trail turns northwest climbing alongside the River for 6 Km to the rocky moraine of Del Diablo Lake. The trail is very well-marked, allowing you to focus on the rich flora of this area. 
We suggest spending the full day trekking in Los Huemules.  Pack a lunch for an unforgettable picnic on the lake shore and extra clothing in case you choose to join the brave souls who dare to enter the frigid glacial waters!

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