A key decision - where to stay?

A key decision - where to stay?
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Understanding the range of accommodations that exist in Patagonia can be a challenge, as there are options galore and sometimes the styles are quite difficult to pigeonhole. In general, you will find three types.

Let’s start off with the traditionals. This grouping includes a wide range of styles and services, such as hotels, boutique hotels, lodges, guest houses (often the same house of the owner), hostels, small inns, cottages and farm stays in establishments of agrotourism. Obviously, your choice will depend on your budget and your requirements in terms of services.   

Next are cabins, a.k.a. cabañas, which are abundant in Aysén and very comfortable for the independent traveler as they are like staying in a small house, with one or more bedrooms, a space for cooking, bathroom(s) and a living area. They are designed for people who don’t want a lot of personal attention and who prefer to prepare their own meals, although some offer breakfast service. Cabins, or cabañas, as they are referred to in the region, are great money-savers, especially if one is traveling with a group.  

Finally, there are campsites, hostels and sleeping shelters, which are almost always located in or near natural areas and are a perfect alternative for people seeking to connect with nature in Patagonia. There are a great variety in the region, both in protected areas, and private sites; some are very basic and others offer excellent amenities and facilities. If you choose to camp you should carry the appropriate equipment for this climate, including a wind-resistant, waterproof tent and a sleeping bag suitable for cold weather.

Book in advance!  

Each year there are more and more visitors coming to the Aysén region so we recommend you book in advance, especially if you’re traveling during the high season (December - April).  In addition to the suggestions that we provide in this guide, you can check the following sites and resources for listings of services and providers. The following on-line resources provide information and tools for making advance reservations in Aysén: www.tripadvisor.cl, www.recorreAysén.cl, www.chileestuyo.cl, www.booking.com, www.campingchile.cl, www.cabanaschile.cl, www.interpatagonia.com, www.onchile.com, www.casadelturismorural.cl, and www.conaf.cl.

Additionally, you can visit these sites and the tourist information offices of Sernatur:

Palena – Queulat Area: 

  • On-line Resources: www.camaralajunta.cl, www.puertopuyuhuapi.cl, www.lagoverdeAysén.cl and on Facebook: Huella de los Troperos (Lago Verde); Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda.; Fomento Productivo La Junta.
  • Sernatur Tourist Information Offices: 
    • La Junta - on one side of the Main Plaza; December - March. Contact: (09) 73779231; informacionturistica.lajunta@gmail.com
    • Lago Verde - on one side of the Main Plaza; December - March. Contact: (09) 81537538; informacionturistica.puyuhuapi@gmail.com
    • Raúl Marín Balmaceda - on one side of the Main Plaza; December - March. Contact: (09) 79636241; informacionturistica.raulmarin@gmail.com

Fjords & Channels Area: 

  • On-line Resources: www.turismocisnespatagonia.cl, www.municipalidadcisnes.cl, www.muniguaitecas.cl, www.islashuichas.cl and on Facebook: Cámara de Comercio y Turismo de Puerto Cisnes; Puerto Gala Isla Toto; Puerto Gaviota XI Región; Turismo Marinero Comuna de Cisnes.
  • Sernatur Tourist Information Offices:
    • Melinka - Airfield; December - March. Contact: (09) 57221639; informacionturistica.melinka@gmail.com
    • Puerto Cisnes - on one side of the Main Plaza, near the library; December - March. Contact: (09) 88828752; informacionturistica.cisnes@gmail.com

Aysén – Simpson Area: 

  • On-line Resources: www.puertoAysén.cl, www.coyhaique.cl/portalturismo/; www.Aysénpatagonia.cl, www.camaracoyhaique.cl, www.serviturpatagonia.cl and on Facebook: Cámara De Turismo Coyhaique AG; camaracoyhaique; Casa Del Turismo Rural Aysén; Reserva Nacional Coyhaique.
  • Oficinas de Información Turística de Sernatur:
    • Balmaceda - Baggage claim area; all year round. Contact: (09) 75297144; informacionturistica.balmaceda@gmail.com
    • Coyhaique - on one side of the Main Plaza, across from the Artisan area; all year round. Contact: (09) 98101595; infoturistica.coyhaique@gmail.com
    • Coyhaique – Corner of Freire and Prat; all year round. Contact: (09) 84549793; informacionturistica.coyhaique@gmail.com
    • Coyhaique - Bulnes Street No. 35; all year round. Contact: (067) 2240290 - 2240298; infoAysén@sernatur.clffigueroa@sernatur.cl
    • Mañihuales – Offices of the Municipal Delegation; December - March. Contact: (09) 89779530; informacionturistica.manihuales@gmail.com
    • Puerto Aysén - Municipal Office of Tourism, Cerro Mirador; December - March. Contact: (09) 99945551; informacionturistica.Aysén@gmail.com

Chelenko Area: 

  • On-line Resources: www.rioIbáñez.cl, www.chilechico.cl; www.puerto-guadal.com; www.turismobertrand.cl and on Facebook: Reserva Nacional Jeinimeni.
  • Sernatur Tourist Information Offices:
    • Chile Chico – Sernatur offices, opposite the Plaza de Arms; all year round. Contact: (067) 2411303; informacion-turistica.chilechico@gmail.com
    • Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez - Waterfront, Shopping Center; December - March. Contact: (09) 99567722; informacionturistica.ibáñez@gmail.com
    • Puerto Río Tranquilo – Waterfront parking lot, December - March. Contact: (09) 91539021; informacion.tranquilo@gmail.com
    • Villa Cerro Castillo – In the entry to town, beside the Radio Station; December - March. Contact: (09) 56053272; informacionturistica.ccastillo@gmail.com

Baker - O’Higgins Area: 

  • On-line Resources: www.cochranepatagonia.cl, www.municipalidadohiggins.cl, www.visitetortel.cl, www.cochranepatagonia.cl; www.conservacionpatagonica.org and on Facebook: Provincia de los Glaciares; Reserva Nacional Tamango; Conservación Patagónica. 
  • Sernatur Tourist Information Offices:
    • Caleta Tortel – Parking Lot; December - March. Contact: (09) 93026696; informacionturistica.tortel@gmail.com
    • Cochrane - on one side of the Main Plaza; December - March. Contact: (09) 76498385; informacionturistica.cochrane@gmail.com
    • Villa O’Higgins - on one side of the Main Plaza; December - March. Contact: (09) 66217026; informacionturistica.ohiggins@gmail.com
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