Craving a yummy breakfast and a great Java fix?

Craving a yummy breakfast and a great Java fix?
Argentinian Area

Stop by any bakery or bread shop (panaderia) to purchase a dozen or two assorted facturas. These small pastries and croissants (medialunas) are incredibly popular in Argentina. The perfect complement to a rich cup of fresh-ground espresso or coffee!

Look no further, we have your answer! Facturas come in an endless variety of sizes and flavors, ranging from super sweet to savory. Why not surprise your group, with a morning version of Tablas, by arranging a delicious array of treats for all to share. 
Some of the favorites include:

  • Medialunas, (think croissant), the most common factura, shaped like a half-moon. There are two basic types, the “medialuna de manteca”, made with rich buttery dough and the savory “medialuna de grasa”, made with animal fat. You can also find both savory and sweet versions of medialunas filled with a variety of delicious fillings.
  • Facturas con Membrillo are usually oblong shaped or formed in a twist, with a garnish of membrillo or other fruit jams. Sometimes these also have a dab of pastry cream.
  • Palmeritas are a large, flat, circular, crusty piece of pastry coated in sugar.
  • Scones are small buns, sometimes filled with colorful dried fruit.
  • Churros are deep fried and cylindrical in shape. Some are coated in chocolate and some filled with dulce de leche.

In El Chaltén, you will find endless variety of Facturas! Explore to your belly’s content in the cafés, bread shops (Panaderias), bakeries, and supermarkets in town.

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